Monday, March 19, 2012

The Vincent James Explosion, CD Release Party, May 6th, Sportsmen's Tavern, Buffalo, NY

Vincent James

JIM VINCE JERRY...The Vincent James Explosion.

Speaking of Original Music, The Vincent James Explosion is throwing a CD release party at The Sportmens Tavern ( on Sunday, May 6th, for their newest release "VJX IV". Any jazz-fusion music fans out there will absolutely love this band. Jim, Vince and Jerry are all top-notch, experienced, award-winning musicians. A good, heavy dose of rock, blues, acid jazz and funk are all thrown into the musical mix for a pleasurable listening experience when The Vincent James Explosion performs live and on CD.

I have all of the VJX CD releases and they are always in heavy rotation on my CD player and on my 32 gig memory stick.

The Vincent James Explosion can be found on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and Reverbnation.
I have been asked to cover this performance for my musical blog and I will be posting pictures and posting all of the CD art for the entire world to see.

Not only does The Vincent James Explosion deserve exposure and recognition for their great original music but so does the entire Buffalo Music Scene, Especially! the original bands, that's why I'm happy to cover VJX and the Buffalo Music Scene for this musical blog.


The Vincent James Explosion said...

It's gonna be a great show! Looking forward to it! Thanks for the nice comments!

Anonymous said...

This band is among the best Buffalo has to offer. Absolutely outstanding. I can't wait to hear the new release!