Sunday, August 26, 2012

Empire Of One CD review

CD Review for Empire Of One:
At first glance, Empire of One seems like the type of band that could easy be seen on the Top 40 charts of today. Even though you will be sure to see them there one day, they go much deeper than that. The first track off of their self-titled EP “Empire of One”, evokes visions of national bands like Theory of a Dead Man and U2. However ‘If I Let Myself Dream’ has an unexpected ska vibe to it that is very pleasant to hear. The second track entitled ‘Roam’ is a longing ballad featuring hopeful guitar parts and emotional vocals. This track is definitely one to check out. The EP ends with ‘I’m Still Here’, a catchy, alternative tune that highlights the feel of the album. The song’s despairing lyrics are offset by rhythmic, upbeat guitar parts. Which is a very refreshing way to wrap up this EP.
Empire of One has a sound all their own. They have created and EP of songs with big name influences you’ll definitely recognize. Their melodies and lyrics could transverse any boundary. This is one band that would be sure to turn heads in any bar.
Review by Savannah King (
 Empire of One is:
Lead vocalist and frontman Wil Seabrook - Electric guitar (Luke Thomas) - Drums (Alexander E. Gonzalez ) - Bass (Darwin Johnson)
Thank You Savannah, Empire Of One & Sera!

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