Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lyn Saga "Runaway"

With Lyn Saga's eclectic mix of powerpop and alt-rock tunes, it's no surprise that her popularity is growing by the second, and with her newest single "Runaway" it's bound to get even bigger. With her recent debut EP, "Venice" getting airplay on major college radio stations, among that long list are Denver's KRCX, Brooklyn's WBCR, and Boston's WECB; they're all lining up to give her scorching guitar playing and unaffectedly honest lyrics a chance to be heard. "Runaway" is a drifting and effortless rock track, with heavy chorus' mingled with laid-back versus about wanting to get out of the situation you've been put in. Saga's strengths show themselves so clearly on this track that's ample sound is full of layered harmonies and swaying melody, her guitar playing builds with the rest of the song to become the very centerpiece of the melody as it reaches the climactic bridge. It has something of an old school, 1950's barbershop vibe to it that sets it so far apart from everything else on the radio, forcing it to stand out in the best way. There's one thing that is undeniable about Lyn Saga, she has an ear for the unique and fearlessly tackles it on each and every song. Be sure to give "Runaway" a listen.

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