Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hondo's Revenge


Hondo's Revenge is a special music project comprised of seasoned, working musicians who can all be seen playing in their "regular" club bands at least every other weekend on the Buffalo, NY music scene.
I won't mention the other bands the guys are involved in because "Hondo's Revenge" is a special project to showcase their original music.
All of the musicians and all of the musical performances on "Hondo's Revenge" are excellently executed and the music has a hard rock edge.
The title of this CD "Hondo's Revenge" is referring to one of Tim's beginner guitars, it's a Hondo Les Paul copy made by the Hondo guitar company.
Jody on Vocals and Joe on Bass complete the lineup.
Look for a review soon, ...Kick Ass Tunes, Guys!

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Special thanks to Nick! and Thank You for the Spider Venom Chicken Wing Sauce!!
I use it on all the things I usually put hot sauce on and I love it!

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