Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Super Water Sympathy - Hydrogen Child

SUPER WATER SYMPATHY a great, new, band that is flying just under the radar.
SWS is an "underground" band...touring and paying their dues on multiple band tours and releasing great, super watery music.
Vesper Belle was the bands first "official" release and the follow up, Hydrogen Child is garnering great press.
SWS is all over the internet, check out their vids on Youtube, Facebook...etc etc
"Uh Oh" is on youtube, check it out

Vesper Belle was SWSs first release and I did plan on doing a review when the CD was first submitted to me for review but life, work and musical endeavours took precedence...anyway...Vesper Belle has a fairly unique sound and I enjoy listening to the CD whenever I find a free minute or two.
Standout tracks include Spain, Cherokee, Where Creswell Ends, Siren City and Abzu.
The music can be compared to early 80's underground new wave, think Siouxsie and the Banshees with a dash of The Smiths and The Cure tossed in.
The atmospheric presence and soaring vocals will draw you into the music after a couple of listens.
Here's the official "Slade Was Made" youtube video link
"You Us Hey" is uptempo track from Vesper Belle

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