Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sol Cat

Sol Cat: Welcome To Cowabunga EP review.
Ups And Downs starts off with a cool, spacy, hypnotic keyboard part... I hear similarities to Radiohead right away. Once the lead guitar kicks in and the aggressive sounding bass guitar starts the sound is similar to Yes but the comparison stops when vocals continue on. The vocals sound unique and the phrasing completes the new, groovy sound the band jams on. The bass guitar is distorted and out front for this song which adds alot of depth and musicality to the opening track.
Whats Wrong With That? is more of a straight ahead, alternative rock song. The vocals are kinda laid back which adds to the groovy feel of the song. There is a remote similarity to Muse on this song.
Keep Your Heat is a melodic, keyboard driven song. The song takes a turn into a louder, all out jam near the end. The melodic beginning makes the ending sound bigger and brighter.

I must say I dig Sol Cat's sound, the overall sound is fresh and unique and going forward I think Sol Cat has alot of potential to make some good music in the future.


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