Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bloggers are people too

I was recently asked by a friend why do you have a music blog? ...Why? because I love music.
I don't use my google blogs as a source of income, I've gotten paid one time as a result of having my blogs.
I just remembered, I was paid to promote one local business and I was paid once to review a CD.
Playing an instrument within a band context is how I usually like to express my love for music.
Playing out never made me rich, but just being in those musical moments when everything is flowing and the notes are right on satisfy me to no end.
I've learned that being involved with a band takes alot of time, effort and patience.
I do not have the time to put into a band at this moment in my life...
I also like to review music, this is another way I express my passion for local/new music.
When I do listen to music I prefer to hear new stuff.
I like to listen for the new and different ways a band may use a keyboard sound or a guitar to make a song sound new and different.

I would like to ask why do people constantly post jibberish/food photos and silly drama on facebook/twitter? ...
what purpose is that serving? ...

I have alot of passion for many more, very important things in my life but unfortunately my access to those things has been cut off and I'm wondering what the future holds for expressing my love for music on this blog will continue on because someday I may not be able to post anything at all, on any site.

Any respectful comments are appreciated.
I can be reached @, Thank you.

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