Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vincent Gallo

I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting briefly with Vincent Gallo recently (1/31/14) at The Salvation Army location in Williamsville. The above picture is how Vincent looked when I met him.

Vincent Gallo is a local actor, director, musician and painter.
I was searching through the cassette tapes looking for something good to listen to when I heard a pair of boots come up from behind me. The boots stopped at the vinyl section to my left. I was curious as to who was inside the boots that walked with such purpose to the record section.
Turning around I almost immediately recognized Vincent from Buffalo '66 fame but I wasn't 100% sure if it really was him. I decided to walk around the store and turn back around toward the vinyl section.
After being sure it was Vincent I decided I would try to overcome my shyness and introduce myself and ask Vincent if he really was Vincent Gallo.
He said Yes I am Vincent and we talked very briefly about Buffalo '66, the Goo Goo Dolls and Mark Freeland while he thumbed through the old records. He told me he had bought alot of the clothes for Buffalo '66 from The Salvation Army.
After getting comfortable with Vincent I asked him what he was up to lately.
After volunteering my assistance as a movie extra he told me he was just enjoying living his life.
I remember him saying, but don't quote me on this, he had given up movies...and music...
Vincent was very nice to me and seemed honest about his future intentions.
Vincent's wikipedia page states that he is working with Chris Squire, of Yes Fame, on his autobiography.
I admire and respect Vincent Gallo as an local actor, director and musician.
I enjoy watching his films and I honestly enjoyed meeting him.
Vincent Gallo appeared briefly in Goodfellas and if you haven't seen Buffalo '66 yet  I would highly recommend it to any Buffalo Bills fan.
Buffalo '66 should be required viewing for anybody who claims to be a true Buffalonian.
After you watch Buffalo '66 check out the controversial The Brown Bunny.

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