Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Naturalists - Buffalo NY

The Naturalists


BIO: The Naturalists were formed in the first few months of 2014 in Buffalo, NY. After playing a few shows, gathering some fans and going to the Finals of ArtVoice's Battle of Original Music Competition, The Naturalists released their debut EP titled "Volume Unit" along with their debut music video "Long Walk". Volume Unit are songs composed by the band in the early months of formation. Since then, the band has grown into their own sound and have opened up for notable bands such as The London Souls, Beware of Darkness and Sons of Hippies.
---The Naturalists will be releasing their new single "Too Late" in physical and digital form on November 8th and will be touring in support of the release.

The Naturalists- Long Walk Official Music Video

The Naturalists are from Buffalo, NY and shot a music video for the single"Long Walk" off our debut EP "Volume Unit". It was shot in Buffalo, NY where the band is based and was directed by filmmaker Trevor Boyd and shot by Erik Kohler using his RED cinema camera.


 The Naturalists - Volume Unit Bandcamp


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