Saturday, December 5, 2015

Artvoice Newspaper - Buffalo, NY

 2/19/15: The Artvoice webpage has corrected my pen name on the weblink for my Southern Bastards review to Joe Tell, however the name on the review webpage is still Jack Dumpert. The current issue has the real Jack Dumpert as a reviewer for Fury Max: My War Gone By.

 2/18/15: After a visit to Queen City Bookstore recently it turns out that Jack Dumpert is a real person who will be submitting reviews for Queen City and Artvoice in the future. Since I didn't sign my last review somehow it was assumed that Jack Dumpert submitted it. Needless to say I will be signing all of my future reviews as Joe Tell to avoid any more mixups.

Original post: In the most recent issue of the Artvoice newspaper, the only arts & entertainment paper in town worth picking up to read, my pen name has been changed, once again, this time to another new alias/pen name Jack Dumpert...?
I think it may be interesting to follow my pen names throughout because it may make for some interesting "blogless blog" reading, so here we go,
Once again the newest issue, 2/12 - 2/18 the Southern Bastards graphic novel review by Jack Dumpert.

1/29 - 2/04 issue The Underwater Welder review by Joe Miletto.

1/8 - 1/14 issue Thanos Rising review by Joe Tell.

12/24 - 1/7 The Joker review by Joe Tell.

12/11 - 12/17 Batman '66 review by Joeseph Tell.

Anyway you spell it's still me, Joseph Militello.

My sincere thanks to Emil from Queen City Bookstore and Artvoice newspaper for publishing my reviews, in print and online.

Thank you!!

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