Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Update 9/2/16: As you may or may not know your friendly neighborhood blogger, Joe Tell, is a experienced local musician who has played live gigs since the age of 16 with a multitude of cover and original bands. Initially inspired by the song "Jukebox Hero" I started taking formal guitar lessons from U-Crest music center, riding my bike there every week with acoustic guitar in hand. Eager to learn rock and roll playing styles I gave up lessons and started playing along with the radio and my records. I taught myself how to play bass to join my friends basement band. I have been in and out and all around the local rock and blues club scene for the last 34 years. I know all the up's and down's of playing out every weekend and the phrase "been there, done that" sums up my current attitude in a nutshell. The last few years I have chosen to concentrate on writing and recording original music with a few friends as Forever Green.
Anyway, I have joined Facebook for the sole purpose of promoting my blogs. FB is currently in the top 3 for the most visited websites so I wanted to have a presence on FB to promo my blogs.
I will be playing by my own rules in an attempt to avoid the evil trolls who live on that site...
Here are links to my 4 new FB pages...Don't worry, I won't be soliciting for likes out of desperation or a need for attention and I will not hold it against you if you don't like any of the pages.
However you can expect a Thank You from me for liking any of the pages.
Joe Tell's Music Blog
Forever Green
Buffalo Comic Book Dude

Update 8/12/16: For the local drama crew, you no longer have any power here, read it and weep

Update 7/25/16:
Once again I must state a lesson that I learned to live by a long time ago.
I learned that it's really easy to be blatantly disrespectful and overtly negative but it's a lot harder to stay positive and hold your tongue in an attempt to keep the peace. If more people thought this way this world would be a much better place.
I can write childish and immature posts' about things and people I don't agree with but I choose to spend my time writing positive things that help people in an attempt to build them up.

-Always seeking new local music to review on this music blog, if your band is interested in submitting a CD or 2 for review or submitting a show flyer please email: for more info.
-Currently accepting paid fill-in offers playing bass.
I am a experienced fill-in player, having recently filled in for the cover bands Under Arrest and 55 Main learning their rock and roll set-lists' on bass guitar for a performance.
If anyone needs to contact me directly I can be reached @, thank you.

Music is my passion and every time I go out to see a band the creative energy that builds up inside of me is undeniable and very hard to contain. A fellow musician may know this urgent feeling but anyone who doesn't love to play will never understand. My attitude would be very different if no one else got up to play and I didn't know the guys in the band. I choose to no longer play in cover bands but when I did play I never played it safe and always took chances. I always went into unexplored territory in an attempt to become a better player and performer. It's very easy to "play it safe", always playing the same chords and notes on the neck while standing still out of fear of failure. It's much harder to explore the notes on the neck in a creative way while trying to move around in an attempt to entertain fickle, disinterested crowds. If you don't have a desire to become a better player and/or performer you will never understand.
Thanks for providing further inspiration for me to write kid.

Joe Tell playing Bass with The Path 2010 Best New Group Nominee for the Buffalo Music Awards.

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