Sunday, November 20, 2016

Michael Biddlecom - Then Came Silence

Michael Biddlecom - Then Came Silence CD art.

First before I write about this tribute CD I must thank Cheryl LaDuca for sending me a copy of Then Came Silence to review. Thank You for thinking of me Cheryl!
As I listen to the music Mike created and performed a flood of memories comes to mind of Mike and I when we wrote music and performed many times together. It makes me wish for those days when I was younger and lived for the music we created together. It also makes me wonder what would have happened if we would been able to get together to make music one more time. Once again I have to thank Cheryl and all the people who were involved in putting this CD together so that Mike's music can be heard after his untimely death. It's obvious that Mike was a enormously talented individual and a prolific songwriter.

Then Came Silence review by Joe Tell.
The first song, It's A Shame, really has a great melody with a harmonious hook. The sound initially reminded me of a 80's pop song because of the bright sounding keyboard track. Mike really rocks it up with a fantastic solo that takes the song out. I'm not sure if this song was chosen first because of the title but it describes how I feel about Mike's untimely death.
Everyone can relate to the lyrics of the next song, Doubt, in one way or another. The song has a melancholy feel with a strong chorus that hooked me in on the first listen. A melodic guitar solo reinforces the melody while it weaves in and out the rhythm track.
Testing 1-2 is a rocker that packs a punch. A strong rhythm track carries a melodic line with lyrics full of double entendre.
Mike shows a softer side with Tears In The Night. A clean lead guitar solo punctuates the music lifting the energy of the song a bit higher. Lifting the song up even higher Mike rips another heavy solo.
Every Buffalonian can relate to the lyrics of Frost On My Window. Once again Mike whips up a magnificent melody reinforcing it with a dual keyboard and guitar track. The song has a smooth flow and feel until it's rocked up with a blazing lead guitar solo. I can picture snow flying in the frosty air as I listen to this track.
One A Kind picks up the pace with a heavy intro that reminded me of the music of Michael Schenker. Mike plays a tasteful mid-tempo rhythm track filled with bass guitar fills that keep the energy flowing. Mike's vocals top off this rocker perfectly and keep it moving in the right direction.
Faces is driven by the clean sounds of a Stratocaster and the lyrical content of what can best be described as a living nightmare.
Gotta Stop Lovin You is a love ballad that slows the pace with a beautiful melody that is punctuated with more Stratocaster guitar solos and fills.
Destinations is a uptempo percussive track that delivers a different sound than the rest of the CD.
Empty Rooms is a slow and spooky track that would fit right in a horror movie soundtrack.
All the music on Then Came Silence was written and performed by Mike.
Special thanks goes out to Cheryl.
Post is dedicated to Mike's memory and his music.

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