Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EXPOSURE Concert - Suzanne Perry

Maria from Soul Custody, Soul Custody filled the 8pm slot on 8/13. Thank You, Maria!

Ida from Old Skool, Old Skool played the 8pm slot on 8/14. Thank You Ida, Nice Fender Bass!

Silkat6 played the 2nd slot on 8/13.

One of the featured acts on 8/15 was The Little Louis Band.

The EXPOSURE was an awesome 3 - Day affair. NDS Studios provided the live online 24/7 stream.

Check out Suzanne Perry on Youtube

Featured Bands included:
Inner Chyld, Soul Custody, Old Skool

ampserand had a handbill at the show so I scanned and posted it.

Glycerine Imaging and Suzanne Perry have alot of cool photos of this Facebook event online, look them up.

Thank You Suzy!

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