Monday, August 2, 2010

The Path

At this concert, some sat on couches. Others remained in wheelchairs. One little girl peeked over the mask covering her face.
They came Friday morning to listen to a local band, The Path, which played a benefit concert at Women and Children's Hospital.
"I knew that this would be the best place," said lead singer Lainee Bianca.
Bianca and two other band members, Joseph Militello and John Eberle, came to play the benefit concert Friday morning in order to raise money for the hospital's Autism Center.

The Path played unplugged versions of 3 original and 3 cover songs.
Bianca first approached Jana Mertz, one of the administrators who runs the Autism Center, about the concert nearly a year ago.
"She wanted to do what she could to give back to the community," Mertz said. "It's an honor that they've done this for us."
The Path plans to donate proceeds from its new CD and single, "In My World."

The single is available through Amazon and iTunes.
A few years ago, Bianca wrote the song after dealing with her son's autism diagnosis. "In My World" describes an autistic child talking to his parents. She knew she wanted to use the song to raise money for autism research.
"I had to figure out what place I wanted to donate to, and I wanted it to be meaningful," Bianca said.
When trying to decide on the donations, she remembered her frustration when her son received his diagnosis. There was no single place for autistic patients and their families to receive treatment. But when she learned that Women and Children's Hospital had established the Autism Center, she chose to donate the proceeds there, she said.
The band is a piecemeal collection of artists. The Path is drummer John Weatherby, guitarist John Eberle and bassist Joseph Militello. Bianca is the vocalist.

Click here to watch a highlight of The Path's performance at Women's and Children's Hospital.

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I'd like to check out the band sometime soon! -Nick

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