Friday, February 18, 2011

Black Widow

Here's a recent picture of Lana and a friend from the Canal Concert Series in which Black Widow performed this year. Thanks Lana!

Custom Black Widow Guitar photo courtesy of Black Widow's Facebook page...

Here's the latest and greatest line-up of Black Widow...
NINO - Bass, DUSTIN - Guitar, LANA - Vocals and Nujoe - Drums.

This is the back of the custom Black Widow guitar, Cool!

The mainstay of the 48 time Buffalo Area Music Award Winning band, Black Widow, for the past 14 yrs. has been Lana Marie. I don't think anyone else in Buffalo can even come close to claiming 15 personal BMA Awards!  
 See Black Widow next time they perform and you'll see why Lana and Black Widow are deserving of every award they have ever won!
Here's to many more in the future!

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