Monday, April 30, 2012

VJX IV, Buffalo, NY

VJ taking a solo on his SG...


from the Sportsmen's Tavern CD release party.
Complete CD art for VJX IV, the latest and greatest CD release from The Vincent James Explosion.


Thank You Nightlife! for recognizing a true band of original musicians from Buffalo.
I believe the quote from WNY is from this very blog, goto the Revelation CD review I did a while ago, anyway, "This is a must see band." pretty much says it all.
to be continued...


danny m. said...

i agree..vince james and company do provide the senses with a varitable explosion of sound..none of which offends the ear..keep up the good work

Joe Tell's Buffalo Music Blog said...

Thank You Danny M, hope to see you at the show!

The Vincent James Explosion said...

Thank you Joe for your support! Great seeing you on Sunday! Looking forward to the Yvonne Schmidt gig!