Monday, May 7, 2012

Brian Mancuso "I Remember Marcy Hill" CD Review

First I'd like to Thank Brian for submitting his CD for review for my music blog. Thank You Brian!
After listening to Brian's 1st CD release it's obvious that Brian is a talented individual who can write songs about and draw inspiration from life experiences that he's had. Any serious musician/songwriter will tell you that any life changing event or important happening, be it good or bad, in one's life is great to use for song writing ideas. That is if you can use that raw emotion and create songs from it, not alot of musicians can do this, Brian obviously can.
Brians music is piano driven and mellow, not exactly what I'm into but still good none the less.
Not alot of guitars or solo playing here, just straightforward songs with emotion filled lyrics.
The first song "A Brand New Day" is about a reconnection with an old friend. I liked the guitar playing on this song.
"Marcy Hill" reminds me of Bruce Hornsby at times, this song is my 2nd fave on this CD.
"Heartbreaker" is written for a friend and missed opportunities at a coffee shop.
The 4th song "New York Blues" is written about dealing with depression.
"Ghosts And Demons" is my fave song on this CD, but it's not because of the title. I like the piano figure that brings this song in and the keyboard break, this song breathes more than the rest. There's more musical space in between the lyrics.

Brian Mancuso is a multi-talented musician and songwriter. This CD sounds like a great beginning to a long and very promising musical career. With a little more experience and musical seasoning Brian should be a great singer/songwriter in no time.
Being a guitarist and bassist I would love to hear more guitar and more musical spaces between Brian's lyrics on his next CD. A couple of piano and guitar solos here and there would add a whole new element to Brian's passion filled music.
After hearing Brian's 1st CD I'm excited to hear Brian's next musical project, I'm sure it will be great!

CD credits:
 Brian Mancuso, Piano, Vocals and Guitar. All Music Copyrights.
 Gaia Miranda, Guitar, Bass, Cello, Production, Recording, Mixing and Mastering. Great Job Gaia!
 Alison Voight, Drums on Tracks 4 & 5.
 Chris Fecio CD Art.
 CD manufacturing by
 Check out Brian Mancuso on the web

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