Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rachel Stephanie

Hello my name is Rachel Stephanie.
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I am a 21 year old aspiring model trying to gain as much knowledge and skill as possible about the fashion / modeling industry. I am currently attending the University at Buffalo with a focus on art as my major. I also plan on transferring to a school for fashion design and business to further myself in this career and industry. I am a 5’ 3” ball of explosive energy when it comes to doing a shoot I put all effort into creating great shots and expect the same from the photographer this is a dream of mine since I can remember. The passion I have for this will show for itself when you work with me. After all I am a small town girl trying my hardest to make it in this big industry.. I do enjoy having all eyes on me and being the center of attention but, I don’t let an ego get the better of me and I take criticism to heart I find it extremely helpful in my growth and appreciate all feedback
A few other notes I would like to make are that I do have a personal hair stylist/ MUA that will attend shoots with me at times, but not always available.
*Also, please know that I do not do nude shoots of any kind. Do not pry at this; it’s out of the question.
*Other than that I’m up for the challenge to do anything else.
*I will also do reference checks on all photographers and models that I will be working with only to see work ethic and how well interaction with others is.
*I do this as a source of income also so I do expect compensation of some sort. I do TFCD at times, but that depends on duration of the shoot and the demanding aspect of it. I will seek paid assignments.
*before the shoots please have the information ready to 
-Hair Stylist
-Theme of Shoot
*This is so everything will run smoothly as possible and there will not be any unexpected problems from the start.
*One last thing please know that when you work with me we BOTH have copyrights to the images.
Thank you for viewing my page and my portfolio and hope to work with you in the near future!

Fashion Shows

Designs and Dreams 3 Fashion Show
• Heat 6 Fashion Show
Designs and Dreams 2 Fashion Show
Heat 5 Fashion Show
A Taste Of Fashion Presented By Bales Clothing 
Fantasy In Fashion Presented By West Coast Club Life 

Winner Of NCBB's 2010 Contest On 97 Rock

All promo copy taken directly from Rachel's profile page.
Click on the model mayhem link to find out more about Rachel.

Thank You Rachel! 

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