Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Highwire - Buffalo NY

Highwire is a Hard Rockin' Metal band from Buffalo, NY that have recently reunited and are once again entertaining audiences on the club circuit. Highwire features the 6-time award-winning guitarist Kevin Blakita. Highwire recently played The Tralf in Buffalo with 2 other all-original bands. I'd like to say Thank You! to Kevin for the tickets. I was glad to attend and take pictures of all the bands that played that night. Highwire can be found on the Facebook. I'm still waiting to get my hands on a Highwire CD, anybody know where I can get one?...

Highwire promo flyer courtesy of Highwire's FB page.

Rick and Kevin rocking out!

Rick Reczek Lead Vocals.

Kevin Blakita on Electric Guitar.

Kenny Brown plays Bass.


Dan Metz on Drums.

                                    All live shots are from The Tralf original
                                          music showcase show, taken by JTell fotos.

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Anonymous said...

joey go to amazon you wil find it.