Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big Wreck Albatross CD review

Update 11/08: here's the link for the review that is specified in the comment below this piece. This review goes alot more in depth into the songs and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the comment BUK!

BIG WRECK "Albatross" CD review. 
I usually write about bands that I must initially educate myself on, usually by listening to their music for the first time and looking them up online.
I must say I've known about Big Wreck since the 90's and I really enjoy their music so I really wanted to expose them to the Rest of the World because their enjoyable, guitar driven music has been filling my head lately.
Here's the link to the review, Click, Read and Enjoy!

Thank You goes out to the Professor.


BUK said...

Hey man, hope you had a chance to read my review too.


Joe Tell's Buffalo Music Blog said...

Just read your review, Great Job! I posted a link to your review on my review.