Saturday, June 29, 2013

Exposure Concert 4.0

I , absolutely, need to Thank! Wally B Blues for bringing his Fender bass to the Exposure show last night. My active pickup bass died mid-set due to battery failure and Wally was kind enough to bring in his bass, from his car, lickity split! so I could finish out the Space Ace set. Thank You Wally!
Silly me came unprepared without a spare bass and without a spare battery.
It was great fun talking to Suzanne and listening to The Psychedelic Dragons family, Don Roth and Savannah King perform last night! Thank you to Chris Kingston from Metal Militia who showed up to support Space Ace.
Another couple of BIG Thank Yous go out to Suzanne Perry and Gaia Miranda for donating a box of CDs to me to promote this very blog with. Thank You Suzanne and Gaia!!

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