Monday, June 24, 2013

Off The Rails Aboard The Crazy Train In The Blizzard Of Ozz - Rudy Sarzo

Off The Rails is a rock and roll book that is a tribute to the late, great Randy Rhoads.
Off The Rails is a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the The Blizzard Of Ozz band.
The main focus of the book is on Rudy Sarzo's day to day relationship with the classical metal guitar great, Randy Rhoads. Finding a rock and roll book with day to day details like Off The Rails is very rare. Rudy Sarzo kept a day to day diary of all his dealings with Quiet Riot, Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, Tommy Aldridge, Don Airey, Motorhead and Brad Gillis from Night Ranger during his rise to fame to fortune.
What makes this book so great is that it contains tour stories from every performance and day to day details you'll never read from someone on the outside looking in.
Every city that the Blizzard Of Ozz performed in is mentioned because Ozzy was always up to something. Alot of the stories are funny but some of them are extremely sad.
Rudy had a great relationship with Randy Rhoads since they hung out together before shows and more often than not, after the shows as well.
Randy "Rand" and Rudy "Rudes" didn't always party every night like Ozzy.
Off The Rails is a great Rock and Roll book and it is a rare glimpse into Ozzy's inner circle at the beginning of his solo career.
I grew up listening to Ozzy and Randy Rhoads and I've always been a fan of Rudy Sarzo so I enjoyed every page of this book.
Zakk Wylde recently called Ozzy's solo career "The house that Rhoads built" and I would have to agree 100%, especially after reading Off The Rails.

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