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Doug Yeomans - Down To The Roots CD review

For those of you unfamiliar with the working musician and guitar teacher, Doug Yeomans, here is Doug's bio from his website,
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Doug Yeomans has been in the music-making business for more than four decades. Hailing from Buffalo, N.Y., he has traveled across North America playing in concert halls and clubs and at festivals and private events.  
Yeomans navigates easily through rock and roll, rhythm and blues, blues, country, and bluegrass. His guitar playing, songwriting, and vocals have earned him accolades and national gigs:

Winner, North American Rock Guitar Competition, 2001
• Inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, 2004
•Named Best Blues Guitarist 2002 2003,
•Best Country Guitarist 1992,
•Best Bluegrass Guitarist 2004 by the Buffalo Music Awards
• Lead guitarist, “Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues” on Broadway 2002
• Lead guitarist and assistant musical director of the touring musical “Ring of Fire” 2007-2009
• Lead guitarist, “Always...Patsy Cline” Artpark 1998

Down To The Roots CD Review

Down The Roots starts off with "Angel Eyes". This song sounds like a country rock song, Doug's singing voice fits the music perfectly. The slide guitar is expertly played throughout and the slide guitar solo is great. This song would fit right in on any country radio stations song rotation.

The second song, "Deborah Jane", starts off with some great, classic rock, guitar soloing. After an abrupt stop the vocals kick in and the sound of vocals is country rock but the musical groove is pure rock and roll. The rhythm guitar would fit right in on any Rolling Stones record any the guitar solo sounds like the solo on "Hot Legs" by Rod Stewart. Great Rock Song!

The vocals take precedence on "Can't You Hear Me Callin'". This is a great country rock song with a groovy guitar riff and some great fiddle playin'. This song could be called "Americana"with it's blend of country sounds and rock and roll rhythms.

The fourth track, "I Just Can't Leave You Alone", is Doug playing some great, low down and dirty blues guitar. The lyrical content is me and my lover against the world, blues, love/lust song. This song shows Doug's versatility on acoustic, blues guitar.

"Tight Jeans And A V-Neck Sweater" is a rockin' song. The guitar rhythm is pure Keith Richards and the guitar and piano dual solo are pure, classic rock and roll. I just figured out who Doug Yeomans voice reminded of, Jimmie Vaughan. Any fan of The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Jimmie Vaughan will surely enjoy this CD.

"One Way Track" has a 50's rockabilly rock feel with a quick, chicken pickin' guitar solo. The slide guitar/fiddle solo on the outro is exciting. This song is sure to get your old cowboy boots stompin' to the beat.

"Pass It On" is a pure, classic, country music track. Once again, Doug shows his musical versatility by playing a country music style on the guitar track. Mike Daly adds some awesome pedal steel licks on the song to complete the country sound.

"Down To The Roots" is more the same of the same style that is on the rest of the CD. The thing that makes this song different is the lower register guitar (8 string?) that makes it presence heard in the very beginning of the song. This guitar sounds really cool because it played with a slide.

"Sweet Emma Rose" is another great, blues/country song.

"Walk In The Streets" is a lower tempo song that highlights the melody of the song. The keyboards and the vocal harmonies on this song are excellent. 

"Restless Man" is a blues tinged, rock track. The cool vocal track sounds slightly distorted, which adds to the coolness. The blues, dobro guitar playing is great on this song. The vocals and the guitar work together to highlight the melody.

The final song, "Mountain Run", is an all out bluegrass jam.

Doug has released 2 CD's since Down To The Roots was released.
Generation Gap was released in 2008 and The Acoustic Album came out in 2010.
Doug is a working musician who performs several times a month, click on the Calendar link from his website,, to see where Doug is performing next.

Thank You Doug!

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