Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Is Kanye West Right?..."Kim Kardashian Is the New Marilyn Monroe"

No, Kanye West isn't right...just based on looks alone Kim Kardashian (K.K.) doesn't match up to Marilyn.
Kim doesn't, even remotely, match up to Marilyn in any category, how can anyone really compare a brunette with a redhead who bleached her hair blond in the 1st place?...silly Kanye.
Going forward if anyone can be compared to M.M. I think Lady Gaga bears a slighty stronger resemblance to M.M. than K.K. does...for sure!
I've included some photos so you can see the resemblance I see.
Here's Lady Gaga from a recent Saturday Night Live appearance...
(...she's looking good!)

The one and only Marilyn Monroe.

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