Monday, December 7, 2015

Water Is Life

Most people take it for granted that we will always have an endless supply of water right at our fingertips. Fresh, clean water to drink and wash things with. But water companies are beginning to limit the amount the water the public can use during the summer months due to shortages, especially in the western part of the United States.
Along with this I'm sure many people don't realize that the water from our toilets, showers and washers is purified and sent back into the water system for us to use again.
We must remember that water is a precious commodity that will not last forever.
A big problem I have noticed is that many water bottles are thrown away into the garbage with the cap screwed on and various amounts of water still inside. I've seen many unopened bottles just blindly thrown into the trash, still full of precious water.
The first problem is that the recyclable plastic bottles are not being recycled.
The second, more important problem is that water is left sealed inside the plastic bottle and just thrown away. It takes thousands of years for a plastic bottle to break down in a landfill. The water stays sealed in the plastic bottle as long as the plastic stays intact. This water may never make it out of the bottle and into our water system again.
Water Is Not Garbage!
Water Is Life.
The solution is quite simple, just dump the unused water from any used water bottle into a sink or a toilet so if can be filtered and reused. Please think twice before throwing away any amount of water into a trash can. This applies to old soda, leftover coffee and any amount of bottled water.
If this water never makes it into a sink it can never be reused.
Don't take water for granted and treat it like garbage, empty out any liquid containers before recycling or discarding the container.

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