Saturday, December 31, 2016

Nate Noworyta - Buffalo, NY

Nate Noworyta is a Buffalo-based singer/songwriter who has been writing and producing music under the name "Darth Nater" since 2014. Nate just released a third full-length album, Junior, which features a considerable departure from his previous songwriting style.

Junior, largely influenced by the Mountain Goats, set out to craft a series lyrically dense story-songs filled with detailed imagery and characters. Musically, it is rooted in indie rock and folk, pulling from artists like Say Anything, Sufjan Stevens, American Football and the Smiths.

Junior explores themes of adolescence, escape and disillusionment through the construction of various characters and stories. A song about surviving the Y2K apocalypse is followed by the tale of a young girl who goes to space camp to cope with her parents' divorce. A song about two lovers losing all their money in Vegas is followed by a story about a wiener dog named Athena who tries desperately to escape her backyard. The songs are all held together by a firm grasp of storytelling and poetic imagery, along with emotional depth and a healthy dose of dry humor.

The album is self-recorded and produced. All parts were written and performed by Nate as well.

Here's the Bandcamp release link for Junior:

It's also available on iTunes:

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