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Red Francis - Chicago, IL

Red Francis by Red Francis CD review
Song A kicks off this CD with a high energy instrumental jam that sounds like alternative surf rock.
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Song B has a slow and steady groove that is carried along very nicely by a killer sounding bass track. The beat is contagious and will have you pounding something along with it by the end of the song. Bassically this song is my fave on Red Francis. Youtube link
Media Feeding Frenzy seems to be a commentary on the state of today's TV media. A well crafted rock song that is further enhanced during the chorus by some sultry female vocals and a well-blown trumpet.  Check out the fantastic video
Step Into The Moment is another well composed rock song with a strong melodic sense and a crafty chorus further enhanced with a great sounding keyboard track.
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The next track has a rather odd title (7:04 Singer) that I'm sure has some kind of hidden meaning. The instrumental track starts slow and serene but soon the energy picks up as the band begins to rock out.
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Beauty in the Grey is a groove heavy track that flows along very nicely until it ends very abruptly. I would have liked to hear some kind of solo somewhere along the line.
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John the Fool follows along in the same vein as the rest of the songs until the song is punctuated with a well played solo from Jack Kerwin. The energy of the music is lifted up into a urgent crescendo during the solo until the song ends on a high note.
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Curbstomp roars into the ears with unbridled aggression and power. This song is a refreshing change of pace from the rest of the music on the CD. Really enjoyed this track.
Check it out on Youtube
Star A War is the clever title for this rockin' song. The intro features the cool sounds of a distorted bass guitar and a edgy guitar keeps the spacy groove goin' strong. One of the best on Red Francis.
Youtube link which lists' the title as Start A War, either way this song rocks
Welcome To The Prime is driven by a melodic call and return guitar and vocal line. The bass takes over during the chorus becoming a bit busier.
Youtube link
Anxious and Mortified immediately reminded of a college radio song. This prime mover is one of my favorites on Red Francis. Youtube link
Seemingly saving the best for last, Nos Saevire (We Rage), is a 6 1/2 minute opus of rock goodness. Starting off like much of the rest of the CD, a awesome sounding distorted bass carries the song into the first couple of verses'. The song then slows down into a heavier, grinding, guitar driven jam. Once again I would have liked to hear a guitar or bass solo punctuating the music but the song still sounds great with plenty of psychedelic rock aggression and noise. Nos Saevire takes this great CD out in style. Youtube link

Red Francis bandcamp CD liner notes
Music by Michael Glader, Alex Fishback and Brett Fishback. Lyrics by Michael Glader. Engineered, recorded and mixed by Barrett Guzaldo. Music recorded and mixed at Treehouse Records. Mastered by Doug McBride. Mastered at Gravity Studios.

All songs written and produced by Red Francis except for "John The Fool," written by Bo Blodgett and Michael Glader. Background vocals provided by the lovely Viv McConnell and trumpet provided by Mike Jones. Guitar solo in "John the Fool" preformed by Jack Kerwin. All songs mixed and recorded onto tape at Treehouse Records via Barrett Guzaldo. Thank you to Treehouse Records, all of our beautiful friends, our awesome families and our incredibly supportive fans. Thank you all!
Soulful blues rock n roll from Chicago

Red Francis is a rock n' roll group out of Chicago. They've played the Midwest, the West Coast and are checking out the East Coast right on a 3 week tour right now. Red Francis have put out three albums so far and will be recording their fourth studio full-length right when they return to Chicago. Stay updated on everything at

Thank You, Red Francis!

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