Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Scenics - Toronto, CA

The Scenics // Toronto Proto Punk // Friday, July 8th // 8 PM
@ Mohawk Place // Buffalo, NY // Only $5 Cover @ The Door

The Scenics
w/ The Barksdales, Twin Lions, The Card Cheats, & The Rifts
Friday, July 8th // Doors @ 8 PM // Ages 18+
@ Mohawk Place // 47 E Mohawk St // Buffalo, NY
Only $5.00 Cover @ The Door!

“If a band makes an album and nobody hears it, does it still rock? It sure does. Three decades after the fact, recently reunited Toronto punks The Scenics have finally issued a sophomore disc — this long-lost batch of wiry Television guitars, black Velvets art-rock, Pere Ubu yelping and the freakiest Tommy James cover you’ve ever heard." Daryl Sterdan the Winnipeg Sun

“It wasn't so much that The Scenics were ahead of their time in 1977, it's more that almost everybody else didn't even know what time it was. The Scenics were on top of it though, grabbing the freedom promised by punk's first blush... New York had Talking Heads, and England was blessed with XTC, but here was their equal in Toronto and they never got the necessary push and support. It's fabulous we finally have the evidence, but it's a drag we haven't been able to enjoy it the past 30 years.”
Bob Mersereau, author of the "the Top 100 Canadian Albums"

“Largely unappreciated when they originally existed between 1976-81, these underground icons merged Television’s guitar work, Big Star’s pop prowess, Pere Ubu’s dementia, & the Ramones’ urgency.” Montreal Mirror

"Brainy crackpot art-pop with an ear for off-kilter melody, a headful of magic and twitchy grooves to burn. It's a sin the Scenics have left such a faint mark on punk-rock history... but now we can start to make things right: the reborn cult starts here.” Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

Music Videos:
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