Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Test Tube Rhino "InVitro" CD Review

Joe Pinnavaia is a Guitarist, Composer and Instructor from the Western New York area whose musical style ranges from progressive rock with elements of orchestration and electronica to melodic instrumental rock.
Joe completed his musical education at Villa Maria College of Buffalo and at the University at Buffalo where he studied with Joanne Castellani from the world renowned Castellani/Andriaccio Duo and also studied locally with guitar virtuoso Tony Scozzaro. He has also performed with James Kurzdorfer (original bassist for Spyro Gyra) as well as Cosmic Stepping Stones and the duo BREAKERBOX who have worked with Corey Lowery of Dark New Day, as producer, releasing the single "Soul to Life". After being in mostly vocal orientated projects Joe decided to go into a new direction and focus more on his composition and released his first solo effort entitled "InVitro" under the name Test Tune Rhino. This experimental project has now turned into a fulfilling venture and the follow up release "Fragile X" is to be released early 2010. A track from this upcoming release titled "Night at the Carnival" will feature a guest performance by Art Kalenda of Soul Release - Joe's first guitar instructor that inspired him to become the guitar player that he is today.
Check Joe out online @ http://www.rhinoguitar.topcities.com/

Test Tube Rhino is the guitar oriented musical adventure of skilled local guitarist Joe Pinnavaia, Joe has played with many Buffalo based musical projects, but this is Joe going off and doing his own thing, creating his own "guitar world" if you will. Skillfully and masterfully using the guitar to create his own sonic instrumental masterpieces without the restrictions and conventional boundaries that a band-like song structure usually requires.
Track 1, "Test Tube Fantasy" sounds menacingingly melodic with its metallic guitar tones, cleany executed tight rhythms and fast soloing.
"E.B.E" features some sharp, classical Spanish guitar playing that flows nicely into a melodic guitar line, some sweet fluid electric guitar soloing compliments the acoustic guitar playing.
Track 3, "Caucacious" has some Joe Satriani-like melodic guitar melodies and some great upfront bass playing, I wish the ending with the distorted wah soloing and uptempo drums would have continued just a bit longer...
I enjoyed the melancholy feel of Track 4 "I'm Not Doing Anything To Feel Sorry".
The guitar sounds and soloing of "Nimicus Namicus" remind me of Vai/Satriani, I like the guitar tapped soloing and the stereorific solo panning at the end.
The minimalistic approach and overall mix of "High" is sonically refreshing being different from the rest of the tracks. I really enjoyed the soloing and the 2nd digitally delayed solo section.
"High" is my favorite track on "InVitro".
I like the melodic sustaining return line on "Vitamin Salt" and the tasty fast soloing reminded me of Vai/Satriani/Van Halen and Jeff Beck.
Joes playing has been compared to these modern guitar masters: Joe Satriani/Buckethead/Paul Gilbert/Robert Fripp and Terje Rypdal.
I highly recommend the "InVitro" CD to any fan of guitar driven instrumental music.
Visit http://www.rhinoguitar.topcities.com/, www.reverbnation/testtuberhino and www.myspace.com/testtuberhino to find out how you can pick up your very own copy of Test Tube Rhinos "InVitro" today.
"InVitro" is also available digitally on ITunes, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster and on every online store through the Favored Nations label.
Thank You Joe!

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