Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Amanda Nagurney - So Full Of Country

Amanda's newest CD "So Full Of Country".

Here's my review of Amanda's 1st CD "Gettin Out Of This Town".

Up and Coming Country Music Star Amanda Nagurney's 1st Release

I recently had the pleasure of witnessing Amanda Nagurney and Joe Childs perform live and in color at The Irishman Pub & Eatery, it was a fun night, highlighted by the fact that Amanda and Joe were gracious enough to let me sit in on a couple of songs, Thank You Amanda and Joe!
Being a big local music supporter I picked up this CD along with Amanda's newest release "So Full Of Country" at the Irishman.
This review will be of Amanda's debut CD "Gettin Out Of This Town" from 2008.
This CD establishes and confirms the fact that Amanda's music should be, if it isn't already, played on country music radio all across the U.S.A.

OK on with the review...

"Gettin Out Of This Town" sounds like and reminds me of a Garth Brooks song complete with country fiddle and rockin' guitar sounds. I must say I enjoy the country twang of Amanda's vocals and vocal harmonies. The lyrics of this song sound like a description of Amanda's busy career.

Track 2 "Never Break My Heart" is a mellow country ballad that features some really nice sounding pedal steel guitar behind Amanda's sweet vocals.

"Don't Ask Me To Love You" is a very catchy upbeat song. Amanda's voice and phrasing on this melancholy laced song remind me of Sarah Evans.

Track 4 "Just For A Moment" has a real good melancholy feel and sound. This track features an excellently orchestrated classical music backing track.

"Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever" is another great country ballad that let's Amanda's soaring vocals shine through. This track also features some amazing pedal steel guitar work.

The closing track "Rock That Country" is a perfect example of a "new country" song that you might hear on WYRK FM. This track has an uplifting, spirited rock sound, topped off with a killer lead guitar solo, but the rock edge doesnt rock too hard, the guitar has the perfect amount of twang on it to keep it country.

Of course, above and beyond all the music, all the vocal performances on "Gettin Out Of This Town" sound great and are quite impressive and putting all comparisons aside, Amada's singing style has a unique quality all it's own.
On top of all that, Amanda writes and performs her own songs! A complete musical package. The session players on "Gettin Out Of This Town" are all A1 top notch players. This CD sounds like it could be and should be played on WYRK along with all the other "new country" musical talent currently on it's playlist.

Any fan of "new country" or old school country for that matter, should make a serious effort to check out Amanda's live performances where she has both of her CDs readily available for purchase.

Amanda's local performance schedule is a busy one, she currently performs with Joe Childs in an acoustic duo setting and Amanda also performs locally with her full band, Mason Dixon. On top of all her local appearances, Amanda also finds the time to travel out of state to promote her original music in various music venues across the U.S.A., most notably in Nashville and California.
Any recognition Amanda's recieves is well deserved because she is a hard working major musical talent who is seemingly destined for major recognition. Keep up the Good Work Amanda! Rock that Country Music All Night!

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