Saturday, July 19, 2014

Out To Lunch - No One Left Behind CD review

Out to Lunch - No One Left Behind CD Review

NYC's Out to Lunch Creates a Jazz Masterpiece with No One Left Behind

NYC's Out To Lunch creates a jazz masterpiece with No One Left Behind. No One Left Behind is funky, groovy, improvisational, jazz fusion. Add some hip hop beats and a little dash of dub reggae and you have Out To Lunch.
Out To Lunch can be compared to Miles Davis, James Brown, Weather Report and John McLaughlin. Jazz and Jazz Fusion fans will enjoy No One Left Behind.

Out To Lunch is comprised of David Levy - Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Bansuri Flute and Ableton Live. Josiah Woodson - Trumpet, Guitar and Flute. Walter Fischbacher - Keyboards and Hammond Organ. Zack Lober - Electric and Upright Bass and Turntables. Jason Kruk plays Drums.

Standout tracks include It's A Jungle Out There with it's uptempo drums and percussion. There's A New Seby In Town includes sone funky, hip hop beats. Spaced out avant-garde jazz dominates Ostrava. Damon Scott improvises some great lyrics on the dub reggae sounds of the title track.

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Thank You Out To Lunch!

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