Thursday, May 19, 2011

Steel Keys & Brass

Steel Keys & Brass Vaudevillians CD Cover

Steel Keys & Brass
Rock – Jazz - Folk
Stealing bits and pieces from different areas of music such as bluegrass, jazz, hip-hop, and rock'n'roll, their songs have an uncompromising originality that resists any single classification. This ability to vary their style, along with a wide ranging repertoire of both originals and covers, gives Steel Keys & Brass not only diverse yet fluid live sets, but also gives the opportunity for them to perform in an array of different venues while still maintaining their unique sound - the natural and organic sound of four friends around a fire, passing a bottle and singing. songs.716.983.8947 (Corey Rost)
Vaudevillians (April 2011, SKB records)
Streaming Samples:
Venues played:
·1 The Bend (Buffalo, NY)
DBGB (Buffalo, NY)
Nietzsche’s (Buffalo, NY)
The Irishman (Amherst, NY)
800 Maple (Amherst, NY)
Sorentino’s (Amherst, NY)
Allen St Hardware (Buffalo, NY)
Music Is art Festival (Buffalo, NY)The Tralf (Buffalo, NY)
Nobody’s Art Center (Buffalo, NY)
Soundlab (Buffalo, NY)

Steel Keys & Brass
CJ Ahrens – Drums / Percussion
Nicholas Kryder – Guitars / Voice
Corey "Wombat" Rost – Bass / Mandolin
Mike Wallace – Sax / Keys / Voice
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