Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joseph Mahfoud

Here's some info about Joe's newest CD Ditch Diggers: Ditch Diggers is a collection of blues standards that I have loved playing over years. They offer instrumental and vocal chops. For a while I considered calling the CD "Blues Virtuosos" but that is sort of an oxy-moron, plus it doesn't really fit the working class type of listener that attends my performances. I went with Ditch Diggers after talking to an ex-bouncer from one of the old blues clubs I used to play in my twenties. His Dad dug ditches for a living, it was honest hard work but he had pride in what he did and earned a respectable living. That said it all to me, blues is honest hard working music that's good for the soul. That sort of vulnerability is what the style is all about. I walked over to a table with my wife and friends and I started to tell them about my decision to title the CD "Ditch Diggers," at the exact moment that I said the name, the Buffalo Sabres scored the over time winner in game 5 against Philadelphia. (Yes America it's true, I'm a Sabres fan and hockey addict). That sealed the deal, the only thing missing was a Sabres Stanley Cup.

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