Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eddie Grey "The Love Thief Sessions"

9/19/12: CD review content update.
The Eddie Grey "The Love Thief Sessions" CD is better than I expected it to be. It has all different styles of music on it. It starts off with a great reggae song called " Just Say It". The next song is a cool rockin' song called "Hideaway". "The Love Thief Sessions" has a song for everybody reggae, funk, acoustic, rock and rhythm and blues. I like "The Love Thief Sessions" and would recommend giving it a listen. A new artist bringing some great new music. Check out his facebook site for more info
CD review by The Professor.
Thank You Rob, Sera and Eddie!

Eddie Grey is an ever evolving artist that continues to defy genre classification by consistently producing music that is both impressive and eclectic. The newest single “Only On The Weekend” is a subtle, pop-infused jam that is reminiscent of a sunny day lounging by the pool. It’s the perfect background to a hot July day, with Eddie’s smooth vocals gliding over a slow-molasses style beat, the guitar fluid as a summer breeze making a track that the repeat button was designed for.

The bridge builds to an electrifying guitar solo, backed by the ever swaying bass that keeps you moving from beginning to finish.  It tells the story of a love kept secret that is intensified by Grey’s talent at crafting lyrically seductive songs.  All the elements combined together for an effortlessly sexy song that is a distinct new direction for the progressive Grey. “Only On The Weekend” is another hit for Eddie Grey, a mainstream sound mixed with the unique signature touch that Grey adds to every track, makes for a laid-back, listener-friendly track that is sure to attract a whole new group of fans.  

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