Wednesday, July 25, 2012

King Washington "The Gears" CD Review

King Washington " The Gears" CD Review

This recording by King Washington has several high points, as well as a few slow moments, but overall it is a very pleasing recording.

King Washington takes “Beatlesque” harmonies to a new level, and the result is amazing. From the opening strains of the title track “The Gears”, to the fantastic song “Cotton”, this recording focuses on tight vocal harmonies and intricate guitar work that harkens back to the golden age of rock and roll recording.

Singing and performing on piano, trumpet, drums, guitar and bass, Gene Russell has been musically active since age four. Joined by guitarist/singers Tyson Kelly and George Krikes, the band stands apart from other new rock bands for several reasons. The first and foremost to me is that these guys sound like The Beatles in their prime. The better songs from this recording could easily fit on the classic albums Rubber Soul or Revolver; (My favorite Beatle period) while others may remind you of a Sgt. Peppers groove. I don’t mean to put pressure on a band with a comparison like that; it’s just the feel that I (and others) get from these songs. They don’t seem to imitate, replicate, or duplicate Beatles songs, but have the feel and the songwriting chops to pull it off. Their sound is tight yet ethereal, intricate but still hypnotic.

Now before I put them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there are a few boring clunkers on this CD; but the good songs (The Gears, Fourth of July, Cotton, Bawl and Change) clearly outweigh them and point this talented young band in a great direction. I was impressed by the production, songwriting, guitar work and those beautiful harmonies. A few more evocative rock numbers and this band will be seen and heard by a much larger audience.

Bud Redding 7/25/2012

Thank You Sera, Bud & King Washington!

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