Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cowboys Of Scotland

The band started in early 2002, as Bud Redding's recording project. Multi-instrumentalist Redding played guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and sang all of the original songs. After several people heard his music and persuaded him to play live, he began performing as Bud Redding's Shock & Awe. Several people would guest star in Bud's monthly shows, performed at Staples on Allen (now DBGB’s) These guest slots lead to Steven Myers joining the band, in 2006, playing guitar, bass, percussion, and adding some vocals. They began writing songs together, as well as learning each other’s originals... In 2007, they changed the name of the band to COWBOYS OF SCOTLAND...Playing the massive Tribute to Mark Freeland; the band took a Freeland song title and made it their name, as a tribute to their mentor and friend. Joined on stage by performance artist "Z. Mann Zilla", the band rocked the house, setting the stage for a new direction...

The addition of drummer Joe Marciniak led the band down a different path, placing less emphasis on electronic rhythms, and more on a real rock drummer. Performing a wide variety of music and musical styles, and often incorporating video and live art into their shows, Cowboys of Scotland continue to grow an audience in the Buffalo, NY original / underground music scene...

In 2009, the band temporarily added former Veil rockers, Steve and Johnnie Perry to play the Rolling Stones tribute benefit, with the proceeds going to Children's Hospital of Buffalo...The formula added a hard rock element to the band's sound, and they played again with this 5 piece line-up at Music is Art...This MIA show was the premier of the atomic science themed song “1905”, now a live performance favorite.

The 2010 spring schedule also featured a performance at Nietzsche’s, for the annual Mark Freeland tribute. This would mark the 4th performance by the band at a Freeland tribute, this one hi-lighted by a performance of Mark Freeland’s hip-hop classic, “Macaroni & Cheese”. They were joined on stage by legendary Buffalo rapper / funk-master, Nate Schneekloth, whose smooth style fit well with the band’s electro-groove.

After a 2010 summer hiatus while guitarist / bassist Steve Myers toured France, the band has come back with a new lineup... After drummer Marciniak quit the band, the band was lucky to have drummer super-star Bill Moore perform with them for two epic shows. Due to Bill's touring schedule, he was not able to remain a permanent member of COS, and the band has since added veteran indie drummer Damon Madden to handle the drums and percussion...Veteran progressive rock guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Robert Raithel was recruited and agreed to join the band, and has begun blending his “wall-of-sound” and synthesized guitars to the bands ever-evolving mix.

The band is was then in the midst of rehearsing and recording “Original: The Mark Freeland Story”, a multimedia, hour long piece about Buffalo music icon, the late, great, Mark Freeland…

In the summer of 2011, the band performed their epic rock opera entitled
"Original - The Mark Freeland Story" several times in Buffalo. The performances included a special projection / light show, and was filmed for an upcoming DVD release.

The band is currently writing and rehearsing new material, including a song about the "occupy" movements, entitled "Running Out of Time", and writing songs for a new concept piece called "1952"...New drummer, Doug Jones is now with the band, providing the most solid foundation the band has ever had to work with...

Next up is the finals for "Rage on the Stage", Saturday, July 21st, at The Tudor Lounge...tix only 5 bucks...Come root on Cowboys of Scotland...

 August 18th,2012, we will be at Fillagrees at Elmwood and Forest for a special event...the rest of our time we are writing, rehearsing, and getting ready for some recording...Have a great summer and see you soon!
Find out all the latest on The Cowboys Of Scotland, Here's the Facebook link for Cowboys Of Scotland!/pages/Cowboys-of-Scotland/74889111516

The Cowboys In Action!
Thank You Bud!

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