Monday, July 30, 2012

McGee Art Gallery, 10931 Main St., Clarence, NY 14031

"Night Terra"


“Classic to Post-Modern “: Landscape Art of Today”
at McGee Art Gallery 10931 Main St. Clarence, NY 14031
Show will run from Saturday July 14-Saturday September 8 
Artwork by Jaimie Ellis, Paul Hirshfield, Bill Huggins, Keilka Salsbury, Mary Wyrick, Jackie Burdman, Joe Agen, Judy Horn, Eric Evinczik, Joanne Sloan, Kristin Gilmet, Sakura Paterniti, Michael Mulley, Barb Ernst, Betsy Marie, Jenna Switzer, Chris McGee and Sibel McGee.
The artists in this exhibition have utilized a big variety of styles, materials, techniques and points of view to depict the nearly universal subject matter of the landscape. The end result of this diverse combination is a striking montage of realism, abstraction, exotic flora, futuristic cityscapes and imaginary dreamscapes. This intricate variety of visual creativity illustrates the vital dynamic tension between the timeless world of human consciousness and the constantly mutating environments of the modern information age.
The attached picture below is one of Christopher McGee's landscape paintings which won an award for acrylic painting in ArtBuzz international competition of 2008. The title of the piece is "The Rhythms of Nature".
Thank You Chris!

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Joanne Sloan said...

Thanks for giving a nice write up to the Chris McGee Gallery.
Joanne Sloan